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Good morning!

Welcome to the future, and its been fun posting this stuff for all our readers, and our students young and old. We have already told you all how powerful words are, and just so you know a simple word can lift you up, and make you millionaires or it can Toss you down to the gates of hell and confirm a life of failures and misery!. Everyone wants to have some form of success in their life!! I can assure you of that. Some people want to be millionaires, and some people just want extra money so they are not stressing to pay bills, and today I have something that will BLOW YOUR MINDS, and Its something I have wanted to share with you all for a very very long time. So Please be sure to read this entire post!

I have had many successful businesses, but I use to charge hundreds of dollars for this information you are about to read, but today I am going to give it away for free. I was warned not to do this, but screw what people think, because when I was a struggling teenager, no one wanted to help me and I have learnt many things over my life, and now Im am in a situation where I can just share with people who have an open ear! So I do urge you to read all this stuff, because is very magical.

Anyway, its always good to give away POWERFUL content and this stuff COULD LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN JUST A FEW DAYS!!!

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Once you find out many of our magical secrets it becomes quite addictive.

Stay with me here, because We need to go over some things. Ill Put it in point form and try to point things out the best way I can, and explain what we are talking about!

1) You control your life, whether you think that or not.

2) God has a plan for your life, and as you grow older it becomes more clear.

3) Blockchain is going to be huge in the future, but so will words

4) My whole business is based around data and words, and in the future they will be the NEW OIL! They will be very important no matter what you think!!

5) Words can pick you up and change your destiny or destroy you! Just remember that.

6) Words create your reality, and we have done tests with this. Its powerful.

7) We do know that people do not understand the human language enough to the power of certain words, phrases and Phonetics of words {sounds, and dimensional transcripts}

8) You attract things with your words you use thought out your day.

9) You create your reality by using words, and thinking about words in your head.

10) Using words like "I am a failure," or "I am hopeless" or "I will never find a soulmate" are creating that reality for you. Its setting you up for complete failure without you realizing it.

11) Using Words like "I am successful" Or "I am getting younger" or using words, and speaking your existence, like these events have already happened, just brings them into reality for you.

12) The crypto game is full of people who are literally helping them create wealth or help them become more financially secure. In time, It will be a self fulfilling prophecy!.... Right now people who do not know crypto exists will find it, and it can help them bring luck, success and riches into their lives autonomously.


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While some people are reading this and having their mind blown right now, you must understand, in this life, no matter what people say about you, or claim to label you, you deserve two things as you walk the earth.....

What are these 2 things we talk about?




Just like I promised you, .... today I have something very very special below. So lets begin!

This literally changed my life, and so I am going to pass on my wealth of knowledge to you, and it could have very powerful effects. At least I hope it will.

This turned some of my broke students into having a fortune they could only ever dream of. This stuff is earth changing, life changing, and an ancient secret that the evil elite of this world, I mean powerful people who do not want you to get your hands on this, because they do not want you to have their knowledge. I have sold this in the past for about $499 USD. But I am going to give this away to you guys FREE because I believe you deserve it, and its very very powerful!

I am always grateful for giving away my secrets, because I know that if thousands of people read this, It could literally be transforming lives of a many, and I get so much satisfaction knowing this, in fact its not only satisfying, it really gets me pumped up and excited!

Before we begin, you must realize this is just 1% of what other truths awaits you out there. Doing the following exercise can wake you up to a whole new world, and you will never look back. That is the best way to describe this. The elite want you on your computer, a slave to the banks, and they want you tied to a crappy dead end job, and bank loans and they want you to live your life as a SHEEP! But the information you are about to receive is probably worth $500,000 and with this bound knowledge and new found information, you can choose NOT to be a slave and a sheep any more! In other words THIS IS VERY VERY VERY POWERFUL! I Cannot stress that enough!

As I always tell my students, forewarned is forearmed, so buckle up and prepare to have your mind blown!




1) First of all if you can say this mantra when you are alone, you need to speak these words out aloud each day. This is what I call a "wealth release" that must be released to the ethos for it to happen. So say this affirmation 2 - 3 times. "Universe Whatever Belongs to me,... Bring it too me!"

2) This is where the fun begins. We will be using law of attraction to bring luck and prosperity into your life. And what you need to know is this does not cost anything but a few minutes of your day. But you must do it every day. [See video below]

3) YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW. Watch it for 10 minutes in the morning. And 10 Minutes at night before you go to bed [along with your affirmations]

here is the wealth attraction video. its very powerful! {watch this video 10 mins in the morning and also 10 mins at night}

Turn up your speakers and watch the (video below!!!! )

{have fun with this, and raise your vibrations, and imagine this stuff has already happened to you. Think positive and the more emotionally attached you become while watching, the more powerful the results you will get in the coming months!}

4) Thats it! Go back and repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 as much as you can!


Now you can see how powerful this stuff is, and how powerful words are!!! I Did warn you.......

EASY RIGHT!? and it only consumes a few minutes of you day. How awesome is that right??

I am not just talking about words, and laws here. I am actually going ahead and telling you what to do step by step if you want to change your life. I have done studies with this and been very impressed, and its the exact formula I have used with my students who have literally become very rich by doing this each day. And just so you know, they still use this same formula even today as you read this.

Also as a side note, The words to this song you probably do not understand... That is because, these WORDS, are very ancient and magical [in another language] and they are singing an ancient song about prosperity, wealth and abundance. More Like a chant to help you!

Remember if you can believe it you can achieve it.

believe that anything is possible, and stake your claim, and have faith!!!

I know there might be some reading this and skeptical. That is fine by me! But I am of the opinion that in the years it took to test this stuff, it works and the law of attraction is real, and I know that if you do this for 30 days in a row, and I mean every single day without skipping a day, magical stuff starts to happen in your day.

But the catch is you must keep doing this every day. For 30 days. That is right. It takes time for this to build up, and it does not just work on day one. Its builds and builds and the magical powers unleash itself on you. So I do dare you to try this. Its very very magical, powerful and addictive!

let me know how you go>???

Crypto vs world’s economy

In the next two years, this is just the start, more growth and adoption is coming in the digital currency financial system and more and more people will be coming across to crypto because they will automatically be drawn to it!! . This includes the long-planned Chinese digital yuan, and other countries. Its not just all talk!!!!

Instead of reading last weeks news, you now know what is coming, how it affects you and what you can do about it. You can be 17 steps ahead of others, and take action, and even make a few shekels form this new found knowledge of yours!!!

As the old economic guard wrestles with the unstoppable crypto-upstarts, social protest and unrest will likely erupt among fragile economies, and now you know!!!!

We have many new students with us learning more and more each day. My clients are from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds.

As we said, INFORMATION is power, with great power comes great life changing experiences.

Be 17 steps ahead of others, and REAP HUGE REWARDS!

Have a great day.



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